Here's how you systematically earn from sports betting

By betting on sports, you can systematically receive a guaranteed income, says a statistician with a doctoral degree and explains his system. There is much more information about football clubs than about Dax companies. Value is critical.

Sports analysis expert says sports betting is a good investment

Each of us has more information about Bundesliga teams, European top leagues, and sometimes even clubs in the second and third divisions, than we do about DAX companies. Much more is publicly known about the level of performance, the staffing situation, or a possible crisis in a football club than the exact status of a large company. This is a huge advantage that sports bettors have over the classic stock market. This is why I believe that a five percent return is easily possible in sports betting if you pay attention to certain things.

You should not consider sports betting as gambling. And you have to consider that in the end you are playing against the bookmaker, because the odds determine the profit for correctly guessing the outcome of the game. It is also important to bet conservatively. This affects the stakes on the one hand, and the type of stakes on the other hand. My advice is to bet on on only two features, like the question: Will there be over or under 3.5 goals? If you then select teams that are very strong defensively or weak offensively, it is highly likely that few goals will be scored in these duels.

The odds on these bets are usually not very profitable

It's not that unattractive even if you set the limit to 4.5 goals. There are games on every matchday where there is a six or seven percent chance of four or fewer goals being scored. This is a bit like the motto "squirrel hardly feeds." From a statistical point of view, fluctuations are quite normal and expected. Even if you have lost two or even three days of play, this should not be a reason to deviate from your strategy. If you play low risk, keep a close eye on bookmaker odds, and distribute your individual bets widely, you will win in the long run. Thus, sports betting becomes a reliable way to earn money. Read a piece of motorsport history on this site.

In that case, aren't there combination bets where the odds are multiplied?

This allows you to achieve higher profits, it's true. Of course, the risk also increases. Because as soon as the prediction does not come true, all the money is lost. Many players also do not know that not only the odds are multiplied, but also the bookmaker's margin. This means that if I combine three, five or seven games with each other, the share that the bookmaker holds increases by three, five or seven times. Each bookmaker calculates their odds in such a way that they have a certain premium on the costs. This creates a loss in combinations for the bettor, which is not very noticeable, but should not be underestimated. That is why professional players never make combined bets, but always play single bets.